Camarena PTA History

Programs Sponsored & Assisted by the PTA

Below are just some of the current and past programs, events, and other benefits that were the result of the efforts of the PTA.

Teacher Mini Grants

Camarena Elementary teachers can apply to the PTA for a $150 mini-grant to purchase materials or supplies that may not be covered under the traditional curriculum.

Money for Field Trips

The PTA helps with school field trips by providing additional funding to offset the costs.

Book Fairs

The PTA has hosted book fairs to generate money and additional books for the school.



The PTA has funded the creation of multiple artistic murals on the Camarena campus.

Movie Night setup

Movie Nights

The PTA has sponsored movie nights to bring together families, community and the school.

Red Ribbon Week symbol


In previous years where the PTA ended up with excess funds, we were able to donate money to the Enrique S. Camarena Educational Foundation