We collected resources from various sources and locations to help parents, teachers, and other PTA organizations. We hope you’ll find something here you’ll find helpful. Other than the content of this website, we do not endorse any particular source or type of resource. We also encourage you to share your favorite resources with us at so that they can be added to this list!

The Camarena PTA wants parents, teachers, and other community members to have access to reliable information that helps our school better serve our students.

Resources for Parents & Students

YouCubed’s mission is Inspiring Mathematics Success for all Students through Growth Mindsets and Innovative Teaching. It does this through using evidence based techniques to teach math.

YouCubed offers a free course for math students of all levels. How to Learn Math is a free, and has multiple video sessions walking students through research driven methods for understanding math better.

Do you have older children? Do they sometimes need help with their homework? Do you sometimes need help – helping them with their homework? Socratic is Google’s AI based homework assistant and it can help with Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and other homework.

The Socratic app can be installed on both iPhone and Android devices. Simply take a picture of a homework problem, and Socratic will provide hints and resources to help solve the problem (it won’t give the answer).

Resources for Teachers

Teacher Advisor
Teacher advisor is a joint effort between the IBM Foundation and Teachers that uses IBMs Watson technology to provide free math lesson planning and instructional guidance for teachers.

Teacher Advisor is powered by IBM Watson™ technology, which was trained by K-8 math experts, allowing it to come up with optimized recommendations and resources for teachers.

Microsoft Education
The Resource Center (curated by Microsoft Education), offers a collection of resources in a variety of educational topics to help make classroom management more enjoyable and fun.

Microsoft Education has a variety of research and guides to help teachers. This includes whitepapers, eBooks, and more.

Microsoft Resource Center

NSF Mathematics Classroom Resources
The NSF offers a collection of links, videos, and other resources related to mathematics, science, and other educational topics.

NSF Mathematics Classroom Resources

Coursera partners with leading universities around the world to provide online courses on a variety of subjects. Universities include Yale, the University of Michigan, and Rice University.

Certificate programs are available for a fee. However, many courses can be audited for free (you simply won’t get a certificate after taking the class).

Like Coursera, EdX is a collaboration between some of the top universities in the world. Universities offering courses include MIT, Harvard, and UC Berkley.

EdX offers 67 programs for teaching and over 400 courses for teachers including The Science of Learning – What Every Teacher Needs to Know. Many courses can be audited for free.



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Resources for Other PTA Organizations

Canva for Nonprofits
Qualifying nonprofits get access to al of the premium features of Canva Pro for free. Access is made available to up to 10 members of your organization.

Facebook Social Impact
Facebook offers nonprofit organizations tools to build an online presence, develop followers, and to fundraise online.

On-Facebook Donation Ads is available to nonprofits that are onboarded to Facebook Fundraising tools. They also provide guides for fundraising, messaging, and other important activities to help your organization succeed.

Useful Tips from the Enrique S. Camarena PTA
How to Create a Fillable “Meet the Teacher” form

Google Workspace for Nonprofits
Get access to Google Meet, and other Google tools for free. With a verified account, you will able to hold longer Google Meet meetings and have up to 100 participants.

Once your organization has been verified, you can apply for Google Ad Grants which will provide access to $10,000 monthly of in-kind advertising.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits
Microsoft offers free access to up to 10 users to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Get access to Microsoft Teams to host your virtual meetings and more.

This service includes access for 10 members to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Microsoft also offers discounts on other services and grants to non profits.