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Help Support our Students and Teachers

The Camarena PTA is a volunteer managed organization. Money donated to the Camarena PTA is used to support various programs and events for the students and teachers at Camarena Elementary. Your donation will go towards helping students and teachers at Camarena Elementary. This is an easy and effective for parents, family, and friends to support our students and teachers.


The Camarena PTA has been developing programs and supporting events for students and teachers at Camarena Elementary since 2013.


Your donation supports 50 staff and teachers, along with over 1000 students at Camarena Elementary.


A portion of the PTA budget goes toward providing mini grants of $150 to each teacher to help with supplies and materials.

Camarena PTA Mission

Our mission is to support Enrique S. Camarena Elementary School, its staff, students and families, through effective communication, educational programming, and family involvement activities.

We do this by promoting family and parent involvement in school activities, not only in the classroom and on campus, but also in the local community.

We attempt to keep the fundraising efforts simple and direct. Ideally, through direct donations to the PTA and parent involvement in PTA meetings, the school’s unfunded interests can be met without the use of many distributed fundraising efforts. The unfunded interests are efforts such as field trips, camps, science programs, technology and media center improvements.

Increase Your Impact With Corporate Matching!

Corporate Matching Programs

If you haven’t already, please check to see if your company has a corporate gift matching program. This is an easy way to supercharge your giving. Many companies in the San Diego area have matching programs, yours might be one of them.

When donating through your company, you’ll need to provide our Tax ID/EIN to make sure your company can find us.

Tax ID/EIN: 90-0962541

Does Your Company Match Employee Donations?

One simple and easy way to double or triple the impact of your donation is to go through a corporate matching program. We’ve compiled a list of companies in the San Diego area that have employee matching programs. Download the list and see if your company will match your donation.

Turn Your Volunteer Hours Into Cash Donations

Did you know that some companies reward employee volunteer hours with donations to nonprofit organizations? You can volunteer for a cause of your choice and then have your company provide additional support.

If you’ve taken the time to share your invaluable expertise with the school and students, check to see if your company recognizes and rewards employee volunteer efforts.