Camarena Events Calendar (October 2021)

We know it’s hard remembering all of the meetings and events that take place throughout the month. To help, we’ve put together a monthly calendar that even includes the cafeteria menu (I know I get tired of my daughters asking me what’s for lunch today).

Print out the calendar below and put it on your refrigerator (now my daughters can answer their own questions about lunch).

Notable Events

  • Red Carpet Assembly (6th Grade) – October 15th
  • SSC Meeting – October 18th
  • Red Carpet Assembly (5th Grade) – October 22nd
  • ELAC Meeting – October 25th
  • B-LAC General Meeting – October 26th
  • PTA General Body Meeting – October 27th
  • Movie Night – October 29th
  • Red Ribbon Week Activities – October 25th – 29th

PDF Calendar (October 2021)

Click here to download a PDF version.