2022 Ultra Fun Run

Attention Camarena Elementary Families! Our annual Ultra Fun Run fundraiser is underway and we need your help!

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards paying for school activities such as field trips, assemblies and improvements throughout the school. By now you should have seen the daily assignments and prizes. If you need additional information, you can watch one of the following videos:

Ultra Fun Run Assembly Video
Ultra Fun Run Assembly Video

We understand these are busy and stressful times, so we’ve attempted to simplify things and make the fundraiser as EASY and SUCCESSFUL as possible.

To play the game, simply send out 5 emails or texts a day!

If you have not done so, you can register at: www.ultrafunrun.com. The Student Access Code for Camarena Elementary is ROBOGRIFFINS2022

Students will receive bonuses and prizes for participation, including Bubble Fidget Key Rings, Invisible Ink Spy Pen, Silly Straw Glasses and more.